Vehicle Reconditioning at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids

At Walser Nissan Coon Rapids, we are very selective about the used cars we offer to our customers. Each used vehicle must pass a rigorous inspection before we will allow it to be sold. Below are the main items we check:


  • Odometer reading is supported by the general condition of the vehicle.
  • Lube sticker or maintenance logs support mileage.
  • Oil and oil filter have been changed prior to sale.

Engine Compartment Inspection:

  • Engine block, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds have been checked for cracks and corrected.
  • Vehicle has been checked for obvious leaks, including power steering, and applicable corrections made.
  • Automatic transmission fluid* is at the prescribed level and is not contaminated or discolored.
  • Coolant is at the prescribed level and is not contaminated.
  • Cooling system has been pressure tested to check for and correct any leaks.
  • Cooling fan has been tested for proper operation and corrected, if needed.
  • Power steering pump reservoir and gear box are at the prescribed fluid level. Steering system is not making noise.
  • Brake master cylinder is at the prescribed fluid level and shows no evidence of leaks.
  • Battery is charged and cables are corrosion-free and properly secured.
  • Air cleaner is clean.

Hoist Inspection:

  • Visually inspect under vehicle.
  • Transmission case is free of cracks and leaks.
  • Standard transmission fluid* is at the prescribed level (also transfer case on 4 x 4s) and shows no evidence of leaks.
  • CV boots are free from cracks or deterioration.
  • Struts are not leaking or weak.
  • Brake wear has been inspected (front, visual – rear, pull both) and brake pads or brake shoes have been replaced if thickness is less than 3mm.
  • Suspension systems (i.e., ball joints, tie rods) have been checked for wear and looseness and any loose parts have been replaced.
  • Rear differential fluid is at the prescribed level (also front axle on 4 x 4s) and housing is not leaking.

Test Driven For Quality Assurance:

  • Engine is operating properly and shows no obvious signs of problems (i.e., excessive smoking, poor performance, rough idle, etc.).
  • Engine oil pressure and operating temperatures are within normal hot / cold range levels.
  • Automatic transmission is shifting smoothly and quietly.
  • Standard transmission is shifting properly and quietly (also transfer case on 4 x 4s).
  • Vibration in the driveline, if any, has been corrected.
  • All manual switches (e.g., power window, heating fan, windshield wiper, door locks, etc.) have been inspected for proper operation. Audio system is fully operational. All gauges work and display properly.
  • Air conditioning has been inspected for proper operation and any freon leaks corrected.
  • Steering has been checked for proper operation.
  • Brakes and calipers have been checked for proper operation and leaks. Pads and linings, if worn, have been replaced.
  • Parking brake has been checked for proper operation.
  • Conditions causing unusual noises in the engine, transmission and/or drive axle have been corrected.
  • All emission system parts are functional and meet required standards.
  • CV joints exhibit no abnormal noise on hard left or right turns.